Server down!

[Final UPDATE: 5/29/2018 @ 12:08am EST]
I would like to thank you all for your patience with this unexpected issue.
The grid is back online and all regions are up and running normally.

[UPDATE: 5/28/2018 @ 5:33pm EST]
More Good News!
The repair process on one of our slave databases has completed without errors.
We had started up our Welcome region to do a quick test to make sure all looked fine and things seemed as they should and we found no issues at all, everything seemed to be where it was supposed to be and our inventory appeared normal.
Once the repair process on our 2nd slave completes, we’ll “Sync” that up and we’ll start putting regions online, but we’ll need to test a few things to be sure all is well before re-enabling logins.
We’re close, but still several hours away.
Again, thank you all for your patience.. we’re working as quickly as we can to get you back in the grid.

[UPDATE: 5/28/2018 @ 2:18pm EST]
Good News!
We are bit further along as the repair process on the core server has been successful. This means we now have a usable database on our core server, but we need to wait for the repair processes to complete on slave databases, then we’ll need to “Sync” them back up with our core, bring the grid online and check for problems.
We’re still some time away from being able to login, but things are going very well thus far.
we’ll keep you updated as we have news.

[UPDATE: 5/28/2018 @ 9:32AM EST]
I have no “new” news yet on our repair operation as it’s still chugging along.
All we can do is wait for it to complete and then check things over to be sure all is well, but so far, so good.
Will update further soon.

[UPDATE: 5/28/2018 @ 1:44am EST]
The repair operation has not yet completed, but we so far have no errors to speak of, which is very good.
Let’s hope morning brings us a bit closer to wrapping this all up.
Again, we are working very hard to try to mitigate the amount of downtime and are hopeful we will have these issues sorted ASAP.
This will most likely be the last update for several hours, but will update everyone again soon.
Thank you so much for your patience.

[UPDATE: 5/27/2018 @ 8:07pm EST]
The repair operation on the database is still progressing, which is good news as we’ve not had any errors, but the task has still not completed.
Hopefully things continue without error.
We still aren’t able to provide an ETA when this process will complete, but we’re staying on it so we can bring the grid back online as soon as possible.
Will update when I have more information.

[UPDATE: 5-27-2018 @ 3:56pm EST]
We are still running a repair process on our main database and don’t yet have an eta on completion time.
The database is very large and this process could take a fair amount of time to complete.
We are keeping our fingers crossed the repair process will complete successfully, but if not, we have backups on which to fall back on, but these backups are very large and if we need to restore from backups the process could take many days to complete, so we’re hoping all goes well with the repair process as this would minimize our downtime.
We understand your frustration, but please know we are doing all we can behind the scenes to get the grid back online as quickly as we can.

[5-27-2018 @ 12:34pm EST]
Our main core has experienced an issue and we are trying to resolve it now.
This means our grid is offline until we can sort out the issues. We aren’t yet sure of the extent of our issues but will keep you updated both on our website and social media pages.
Sorry for the inconvenience and we’ll work hard to have us back online ASAP!