DigiWorldz no longer Assists or Provides Services to the Great Canadian Grid.

Many may know, while others may not, DigiWorldz has provided code, tech support, DNS, and Email services to the Great Canadian Grid for more than 5 years.
We were there to help them during their DNS attacks, their database crashes, through their hardware failures, etc. We were “Always” there for them whenever they needed us to help keep their grid running and online. When we began helping them back in 2014 their grid was very small and was a mess as the past tech help he had failed them in many ways.

Tonight, I was asked by the owner to help solve a couple of issues he was having and I agreed. I logged in with one of his starter avatars to investigate the complaints he had. When I arrived, I was in his Welcome region and caught the owner talking in public chat to another user and he was telling them things which were very disrespectful to me and to DigiWorldz. When I confronted him about this he tried to “Backpedal”, claiming it was about someone else entirely. I gave him an opportunity to prove what he said was correct, but he refused.

I made it very clear to the owner that I was no longer going to be helping him or providing services to his grid due to his disrespect unless he could prove he hadn’t said those things, which he couldn’t because I had already seen what was said and had it in my chat. We argued for more than an hour and I kept asking him to just provide the proof, but he refused because he knew he couldn’t.

I tried to be fair and told him that if he simply “Owned” up to what he had done/said, I would still quit helping him, but I would leave the services I provided to him running to give him time to find replacements, but he refused.
He told me that in our chat I’ve Wanted to drop him for a long time so that I could “Steal” his users. Anyone who knows me would know that’s not the kind of person I am.
I realize dropping his services will cause his users not to be able to use his grid, but I will never accept the disrespect shown by the owner of that grid and then continue to help them.

I gave him every chance, time and time again I offered to keep the services running so long as he simply admitted to what he had said and done, but he refused.
I was there for him within minutes whenever he would have issues over the past 5 years, I put my life and my family on hold many times for this person and his grid.
It is with great sadness that I am announcing an end of a long friendship, and a business relationship which I was very proud to be a part of until this evening.

I have discontinued the services we have been providing to the Great Canadian Grid, but all of his content is intact. His core database and slave remain running as they were, all I did was remove access to the control panel I have been providing, the redundant DNS services his grid uses, and the email services his grid uses to send emails to users with offline messages.
His regions and entire grid are still running, but users can’t access it because I discontinued services we provided. Our business relationship was on a month to month basis and was such that either party could terminate services at any time. As I said, I gave him many chances just to take ownership for what he had done/said and I would leave things running so he could find replacement services, but he refused and I refuse to accept the disrespect he has shown and continue to help and provide services, so here we are.

To the users of Great Canadian Grid, I’m sorry, but I can no longer accept the disrespect shown by the grid owner. I have supplied him with everything he needs to get his services back online elsewhere and wish him well, but I will no longer take part in helping or providing services to that grid.

The owner is posting information on his facebook page trying push the burden of blame onto me , but I can backup everything I’ve said here with screenshots and with copies of the entire chat.. not small “Bits” of it which do not show the context, I can provide the entire conversation so that it can be viewed in context it was intended.
I told him if he tried to push the blame for this onto me, I would let everyone know the truth, and I’m prepared to do just that in order to defend mine and DigiWorldz’s reputation.

Butch Arnold

[UPDATE: 12/28/2019]
DigiWorldz has many of the same users which the GCG has and many are contacting me to ask about their content. All of the content of the GCG remains untouched and as it was, I have no desire or reason to delete anyone’s content. That content is not mine, it belongs to the Great Canadian Grid and as such, I will not touch it.
The grid and all regions were online and running as of last evening, I simply removed the DNS, email, and control panel services.
As of now, I have supplied the owner with step by step instructions on how to fix his grid and setup dns services at his provider and I have sent him all of the records to do so. All he has to do now is follow those steps using the information I gave him and his grid will once again be able to be used.
I have provided him with everything needed to get his grid running again, he just has to do it, or find someone else to do it.
Again, my desire is not to keep his grid offline, my desire is to no longer provide services or a helping hand to a person of his character.

[UPDATE: 12/29/2019]
I would like to thank all of those who have contacted me with kind words of support, including many of the users from the Great Canadian Grid.
All I can say is “WOW”! I never knew so many people, even users of Great Canadian Grid felt so much frustration with Roddie. I was happy to know it wasn’t just me who had issues with him.
To be honest, I looked at Roddie as a close friend, and I was always hurt to learn he had said something to hurt me or DigiWorldz, but Roddie was a nice guy, and always apologized and promised not to do things like that anymore, so we always put it behind us and moved on.

As of today, I have turned my DNS services to his grid back on, I have left messages in Skype and I have sent a text message to Roddie’s phone, but he hasn’t replied to either of these.
He has approx. an hour or so worth of work to add the dns information I provided to him on his own dns server and his grid will be back online.
I have no idea what his intentions are, if he has begun work on this, etc… I have no clue.
If he does get his grid back online, he will not have my control panel which controlled many aspects of his grid. He will need to replace the features this control panel provided, or not, in which case many features of his grid will no longer be available, but, at least it would be back online.

I’m personally not happy about the whole ordeal as I realize my decision to discontinue services to Roddie impacted far more than just Roddie and myself.
I realize not all users are inclined to “Side” with me and my position on this and that’s fine, as everyone has a right to his/her opinions and I respect that. I’m not looking for anyone to take my side.
I wish there had been a better way, but I discussed (argued about this) with Roddie for several hours trying to come to a resolution, but the longer I tried, the further away it seemed I was to finding and then accepting a suitable resolution. After realizing his actions were never going to change, it was time to remove myself and DigiWorldz from the situation. I realize some of our users were embarrassed by the things being said about me and DigiWorldz, for that, I’m sorry.  I wished there could have been a better way, but I’m inclined to believe no matter the “Path” I took to end the business relationship, it was going to end badly, so after considering my options, taking into consideration the potential “Damage” which was going to be caused by my decision, I felt it was best to simply end it.. get it over with. Roddie was going to be angry and upset, no matter when or how I decided to end our business relationship. As with all types of relationship, there’s often one side who feels “Slighted” by the decision, rarely do both parties agree and no matter the path I had chosen, he would have been upset as it will be very hard replacing the services I provided to him, especially for the price he was paying.
Some may argue that while this might be true, the users would have at least been spared, but I don’t think so as Roddie always stated that if I ever stopped helping him he could not afford to pay someone else to replace all of the code, and all of the work I provided to him and therefore he would be forced to shutdown. Maybe this was an attempt at a “Guilt Trip” on his end, I don’t know, but the truth is such, no matter when I decided to stop helping him, I would not have left my code, control panel, and automation processes in place for him to continue using and he would be forced to find his own. There are very few choices for those things available to owners of OpenSim grids and is one of the reasons many choose to use DigiWorldz as we provide everything they need.

I was accused by Roddie of doing this in an attempt at shutting him down, or so that I could “Steal” his users. He has even spread that story around in recent days, but as history has shown, for more than 5 years I had helped him. I have provided him with advice, I supplied him with features not found in other grids, I helped him take care of tech support issues for his users, I have put my family on hold more times than I could count to help him during hardware failures which took his grid offline, database crashes, DDOS attacks, etc.
I have always watched his back, I have talked him out of trying to sell his grid many times, always telling him he would most likely regret it if he did. I have provided him with ideas on how to increase his traffic, how to deal with problem users, and I taught him many things about OpenSim and grids in general. Roddie was a paying customer, the more he succeeded, the more business I would get from him, so why would I ever try to sabotage, or steal users from him?

I have always instructed our staff members and helpers to never attempt to “Steal” users from any other grids, so in the end, his accusations seem quite silly.

Regardless, here we are.
To the users of his grid, I’m truly sorry for the stress and the hardship, and I do understand the trouble it has caused for you, but he has everything he needs to open his grid back up, he just has some work to do on his end first. I only removed my control panel and supporting files, my DNS services, and my Email Services.

[UPDATE: 12/30/2019 ]

Apparently, Roddie is now telling everyone I have not tried to contact him and have not provided anything to him at all while he continues to ask others for money.
Beware, as it seems odd he has suddenly turned this into a “Send Money to Me” cause.
I’ll add a few captures to prove it.

[UPDATE: 1/30/2020]
Well, it’s been a month since I’ve updated this post, and in light of new accusations from the owner of the GCG I thought I might put a bit of info here for those who may be questioning things.

As a reminder, DigiWorldz had previously been supplying the GCG with redundant DNS services, Email services, Grid Control panel, Custom OpenSim code, and tech support for servers and OpenSim.

Our business relationship was one where DigiWorldz agreed to provide these things in trade for his monthly payment each month and was such as to allow either party to end the relationship at any time. Both parties knew and understood that if our relationship ended, GCG would no longer be permitted to use our DNS, our email services, our custom code and processes, our control panel, and we would no longer help with any tech issues.

In late December, we discovered the owner of GCG was sewing discord towards DigiWorldz to his users by talking badly about us. When confronted, he lied and said the things being said were about someone else, but we had the proof of the things he had said and it clearly indicated he was talking about DigiWorldz.

This was not the first time something like this had happened as similar incidents have been happening since 2015 and each time we found out about it, we confronted him, we talked about it, he made apologies, we accepted and we moved on, but with each incident, we reminded him that we would not and could not keep overlooking these types of issues and that one day, we no longer would.

Over the years, the owner of GCG had implied several times he might sell the grid and each time I told him I thought it would be a bad idea, but that if he did, just let me know and I would replace my custom code with stock opensim code, remove my processes, control panel, etc.
He never sold it, so we never had to worry about it.

When we initially ended the business relationship with GCG, we shutoff the DNS service, removed the control panel, and discontinued the email services.
We left his entire grid running as it was, but none of the regions could be reached without the dns service.
We then sent Roddie all of the DNS records and instructions on how to enter these records at another provider in order for GCG users to be able to connect to the grid.

He has publicly lied to everyone saying we had not done this, but I have included screenshots below showing that I did indeed do this to prove he had lied.

He publicly lied to everyone by saying that we had somehow taken things which were GCG owned, which we did not, as stated above, we even left our custom opensim code up and running on each region.

I caught them (GCG) trying to install a backup copy of the control panel back onto their servers because the control panel was made to send me notices when it was up and running so I could monitor if it had failed, or if it was running.
I sent him an email letting him know that if it was not removed I would file a DMCA complaint with his provider. They removed it and then went off to try to publicly prove I had illegally been providing them with an Open Source control panel and was claiming ownership of it.
The control panel was never opensource and I had permission from the original creator allowing me to resell, modify, etc and I sent this proof to Roddie, but he continued to make everyone believe I had somehow been illegally offering and charging him for the control panel.

After those accusations were made, I again sent Roddie an email letting him know that I’ve rescinded my permission for him to use my custom OpenSim code as well, which includes the money module, which means now he also needs to replace the OpenSim code and the Currency module.

Roddie continues to try to make everyone believe I have “Booby trapped” his servers which I have not done.
He continues to try to convince everyone I had somehow damaged his servers, which I have not.
He’s trying to convince everyone I have put things in place to maintain control over his grid, which I did not.
My code did have the ability for each region to send a “Ping” to a monitor page so that I would know if there was an issue on one of the regions, but beyond that, there was nothing “Booby Trapped” anywhere in any of his servers, he’s a liar, plain and simple.
To be fair, Roddie doesn’t know much about the servers and OpenSim in general, so it may be that his new tech person is telling him these things and he is simply passing them on, but my personal experience with Roddie makes me believe he is simply saying these things to obtain sympathy and support from the community to use to help him beg for more money.

I left his grid in a state which only required replacing the DNS service in order to allow users to login.
He would have still been using my custom opensim code and still would have needed to replace the control panel and all the features it enabled, but at least his users could have logged in.
Replacing the dns service would have taken an hour or so, but instead he decided to make everyone believe his grid was in poor condition so that he could “Beg” everyone for money, which he has done previously as well.

I have no clue why he hasn’t yet brought the grid back online, maybe it’s because he still wants to beg for more money?  Who knows?

There are several control panels floating around which could have been put online, he’s already fixed the DNS issues otherwise people wouldn’t be able to connect to his grid via hypergrid.
You can connect to his welcome region now via hypergrid as it has been online for more than a week now.

Since I rescinded my permission for him to continue to use my opensim code he will need to replace all of the opensim code for each of his regions and that might take a few hours, he can download and use a stock currency module without my changes, the search module he was using is a stock module which I make no claims to, so I’m not sure why it is taking so long for him to open his grid back up, unless it is being done for the purpose of continuing to try to beg the community for money.
He had already indicated they would be replacing my OpenSim code with current opensim code anyway, which would have required a new currency module as well.

I sent a message to Roddie and his new tech person to have the new tech person contact me and I would be glad to answer questions, but I have heard nothing at all from either of them.

My point to all of this is that Roddie is completely misleading everyone about his grid. He has lied and continues to tell lies to cover for why his grid is down.
Why is he doing this?
Is he doing it to “Beg” for more money?
Does the new Tech person not know what they are doing?
I have no clue.

If someone were to contact me and ask me to build a new grid using only the database from the GCG I would be able to have a new grid, with all new code  online in just a few days, so I’m not sure why it’s still down unless his tech helper doesn’t know what they are doing.

To all of OpenSim, be very careful with what is going on at GCG as many lies are being told by the owner to “Cover” for why they are still down.

[UPDATE: 2/10/2020]

Here we are again, with yet another update to this ongoing saga.
The owner of the Great Canadian Grid continues to sew discord, spread half truths, lies, and drama about this whole situation, when instead, he should be concentrating on putting his grid back online for his users.
He would like everyone to believe he is still offline due to DigiWorldz discontinuing our services to him which included renting him a control panel, supplying redundant DNS Services, Email hosting, and 2nd level tech support for his grid.

He would like for everyone to believe DigiWorldz has somehow stood in his way by “Booby Trapping” his servers. He has said this because he couldn’t figure out how we knew when he tried using our code against our wishes.
The code we rented to him was modified in many ways, one of which was to cause each region to report to a central monitor page where we could monitor if a region was online or offline and it was this feature which alerted us to him trying to use our code against our wishes. When this happened, I sent an email to him letting him know we knew he was using our code and he should remove it at once or we would file a DMCA with his provider and he and his new tech person would be named in any legal complaint we may make. They removed the code, problem solved.

As time went on, it became apparent they were having an issue getting things sorted out over there as they were still offline, so I sent an email to Roddie on Feb. 1st letting him know I would allow him to use our Money module code through the end of Feb. 2020 so their users could login and cash out if they chose to do so, but I also informed him if we were to discover he was continuing to tell lies we would rescind the offer immediately.
Again, I have never received any response to my email. I have sent several emails and each time they are met with no response at all. I’ve tried contacting Roddie, I’ve tried contacting his new tech person, but neither has answered.
I have offered to answer any questions his new tech person might have in order to help them get online quicker, but nobody seems to want to respond.
I have also twice offered to provide them with free code which would allow their users to login to a web page and see their grid balances and past transactions, but have had no response.

Meanwhile, Roddie tries to make himself look “Tough” to his users by posting in facebook that I had offered to let him use the control panel, but he nicely told us to “F$%k Off”. He hasn’t responded to any of my attempts to contact him.. just complete silence.
He’s claimed publicly he has responded to me and he has not. He hasn’t responded to me via email, skype, or cellphone text since December, but he continues to lie to his users indicating he has.. but for what purpose?

I’ll include here a copy of the last email I sent to him providing him with permission to use our money module code and you can see for yourself what I said and as indicated, I have not yet received a response and you can clearly see I once again offered to allow them to have free code to allow their users to login and see their past transactions and their balances.

Here’s the email I sent to Roddie on Feb 1st, 2020:

Hello Roddie,

Let’s clear the air here, so to speak.
I do not give my permission to use any part of this email in any post you decide to make.

I don’t like you anymore, and it’s clear by the lies you are spreading about me you don’t like me anymore either, which is fine and makes my life so much easier.
You and I need to act like grown men here instead of children, put all of this behind us and move on.
I’ll leave you alone, you leave me alone and all of OpenSim will be so much better for it.

Regardless of what you think, I don’t wish you any trouble, I don’t want to cause you any trouble, and I hope you get your issues sorted out soon for the sake of your users.
I’m not sure what is taking you so long, anyone who knows opensim knows they can rebuild an entire grid with all new code, etc. in less than a week.
There are several control panels floating around the community which you could use.

With that being said, I give you permission to use my money module code and money server to allow your users to cashout if they want, and I’ll extend this permission until the end of February.
Beginning March 1st, if you are still using my money code I’ll submit a DMCA claim.
The money module (DWGCurrency.dll) can be used with stock OpenSim 8.2pf code so there is no need to use my opensim code on the regions and I see your welcome region is already running a different version of code which is good and means your tech guy has already changed it over. I see this because I have a friend who hypergridded over to your welcome region and made a screenshot of the viewer showing which opensim code was being used, not because I have “Booby trapped” your servers.
Tell your tech guy he’ll need to use the DWGCurrency.dll and the mono.security.dll file in the regionset folder in order to make the currency work.
You can use my money server code as well until the beginning of March.
If you continue to spread lies I will rescind the offer immediately and you will no longer be permitted to use it.
I don’t have any issues at all with you telling things which are true.

I have been sitting back and watching as you make a complete fool of yourself and load me up with ammunition to sue you for defamation of character.
Almost everything you post has something in it which only strengthens my case for defamation against you.
You might want to look here:
As you can see, Canada’s laws covering this issue are very strong and almost everything you’ve posted so far falls into this.

Posting publicly that you will commit a DMCA infringement and use my money code anyway only helps me.
You are now telling everyone I’ve “Booby Trapped” your servers? lol
Now that’s funny.
You say they are booby trapped because I knew when you were using my code?
You are an idiot… all of the code was created to send a “Ping” to my monitor page so that I would know things were working as they should as that was my job… You knew this from the very beginning.
Any time you use my code, the code reports back to that monitor page so that I know it’s working…. not because I “Booby Trapped” your servers, but.. once again you’ve spread lies saying that I have which makes you guilty of defamation of character.

Defamation is when you write something about someone which isn’t true and you’ve done plenty of that.
Each time you do this is a separate instance/case.
I have screenshots of at least 7 different things you’ve said which is not true and I can prove they are not true.
If you can’t prove what you are saying about someone then what you say becomes defamation.
Do yourself a favor and read up on that because I’ve tolerated it for now, but I’m not going to continue to tolerate it and if you continue to do it, I’ll take legal actions against you for what you’ve done so far and anything else you do in the future.

Even if I did somehow “Booby Trap” your servers in some way, it’s easy enough to fix by simply erasing them and starting over on each.
Anyone who knows OpenSim knows it would only take a week or less to make a completely new grid using only your database.

I really do hope you get things sorted soon and get your users taken care of. I don’t wish anything bad for you, or your grid.
I offered you “Free” code you could have to use for your money system so users could login and see their balance and transactions, but you haven’t yet answered me to let me know you wanted it or not.
If you are afraid of using code from me, your new tech guy can look it over and see it’s safe/fine to use.
Your new tech guy should be able to setup their own money module with little effort.
There are several free control panels floating around which your tech guy could use/modify if they wanted.

You can believe me or not on this, but I assure you I have not done anything to your servers which would allow me to login to them, see what’s going on with them, etc.
Nothing has been done to any of your servers.. .change the passwords, remove my code and you’ll be all set.
The code I supplied you with was customized to send regular “Pings” to my monitor page so that I would know they were online, so yes, each of your regions would report to my monitor page if they were online or offline.
The code also allowed for the use of a master password so you no longer had to ask a user for their password to make an IAR file and to allow you or I to login as any user to troubleshoot things.
The control panel also had been modified to let me know when it was online so I would know it too was working as it should.

Since you no longer have my permission to use the control panel or the opensim code, If you remove my opensim code and the control panel as I instructed, I’ll have no way of knowing anything about your servers

Do you want the “FREE” code to allow your users to login and see their balances and transactions, or not?

Time to move on.

You can clearly see for yourself everything I have said to him and it was just a short time later he posted he would be starting up a couple of regions on his grid so people could login and cash out if they chose.
Why does he continue to tell lies?
As you can see, I’m not publicly “Bashing” the guy here, but I am offering proof of what has been done/said from our end so you, the reader may see what is really going on.

[UPDATE: 2/19/2020]
Seems Roddie has continued to tell anyone who will listen that DigiWorldz sabotaged his servers, his database, and had taken things from his servers which belonged to his grid and in the process has been claiming osgrid and two opensim developers have been helping him and have confirmed these things to be true, but once again Roddie has been caught in his lies.
Today, A.J. Leal Duarte, who is also known as Ubit Umarov, and is the most active developer of OpenSim at this time, posted this message to the OpenSim Users mailing list:

As you can see from this post, the developer who has been helping has indicated;

"he had not detected anything other than natural consequences of 
termination of services provided by former technical staff or 
termination of the right to use materials under copyright restrictions"

As I have, and continue to point out, Roddie has been misleading his users and anyone else who will listen in an attempt to cause damage to DigiWorldz.
I believe his comments have and continue to be slanderous and are a direct attempt at assassinating our character for his gain.