What’s better than FREE??

DigiWorldz is proud to announce a Free region drawing to be held on June 1st, 2021.
This drawing is open to all and we’ll be giving away a total of 25 FREE regions and no purchase is required.

Entering the drawing is easy!
We have a form on our website where users can visit to enter the drawing.
We also have several scripted “Signs” set out at our Welcome region, our Mall region, our Sandbox region, and many of our user’s regular events where one can simply click the sign to enter. Both local and HyperGrid users are welcome to enter the drawing.

If you are a local DigiWorldz user and would like to have one of these signs in your region or event, please visit our welcome area where you can pick up a copy.

All FREE Regions will be a 2×2 (512m x 512m) with 25k prim capacity.
Users can also choose a lesser size if they desire a smaller region.

Again, no purchase is required and the length of time to use the region is for 1 year.
At the end of the year, users can choose to keep the region and begin paying for it, or they can simply give it up.
There are no restrictions on these regions and they are exactly the same as any other region offered for sale on our grid.

– We offer FREE OAR, IAR, and Terrain file uploads.
– We also offer FREE backups of your inventory and region(s) upon request.
– You can choose to use either PODEX, or Gloebit based currency in your region.
– You can choose either ubODE, or BULLET physics for your region.
– You can choose Xengine, or Yengine as the script engine for your region.
– Animesh is supported.
– You can restart your region from a web based control panel at any time. In world restarters don’t help if you can’t get to your region.
– You can turn off/on HyperGrid access to your region if you choose.
– Custom Signup page available and is great for Role Play groups where you can define your own custom starter avatars.
– Best Support in OpenSim as most issues are resolved in 30 minutes or less.
(You can read what others are saying about us here)
– Regular In world events schedules
– 850+ regions to explore.
– Large friendly community
– Lots of Shopping
– FREE Virtec scripted items (Vendors, Rental Boxes, Message Boards, Teleporters, more!)

FREE Region drawing