DigiWorldz: A Role Player’s Paradise!

DigiWorldz has positioned itself to become a great place for role players. When we take a look at what is important to a role play group, we find many have already have a website for their group. At DigiWorldz, this group can have a custom avatar signup page which allows them to have users create an account from this page.
The page can be used as a standalone page, or can be branded to match the group’s website theme and embedded into their existing site. The group can also create one or more unique “Starter” avatars for their users to choose from when signing up as well, instead of requiring the user to choose from the standard DigiWorldz avatars.
The group can also designate a “Starting Point” on one of their regions where their users will land upon first login instead of using the standard DigiWorldz Welcome region.

This in itself is a great feature!
Imagine that, it’s like a “Grid within a Grid”!
Which other grids are offering this feature? None would be the answer!

DigiWorldz is currently running a Sales event which is targeting the needs of a Role Play group, it can be viewed here:

You’ll notice on that page, a role play group can purchase 10 regions for just $50/mo., with each having a prim capacity of 25,000 prims!
Let’s think about that for a minute….
$50 divided by 10 = $5.00/mo. per region.
A $5.00/mo. region with all of the great features of DigiWorldz and 25,000 prim capacity??!! What a Deal!

How much would it cost in SL to get all of that? Probably a “Wheelbarrow” full of gold!

Not only would the group have plenty of prim capacity for their builds, but they would have 10 regions to use!
Maybe each user would get a region? Maybe a region or two would be used for housing the members of the group? Maybe different themes on different regions?
The possibilities are endless!

Again, all of our regions are backed up nightly and stored for 30 days in multiple locations. We really do store all of these backups, we’ve been tested on that and have passed with flying colors!

We have a money back guarantee, Our grid is stable, performs great! We have regular events, substantial traffic and our support is the best in all of OpenSim! (http://digiworldz.com/feedbackcomments.php).

Don’t Miss Out on This Deal!
Only 25 total packages (250 total regions) are available, once they are gone, they are gone!