Connecting to DigiWorldz

To visit DigiWorldz you will need to have a 3D viewer installed and log in with it. A 3D viewer is a bit like Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer, except this time you are visting 3D places instead of webpages. Read our recommended options to succesfully connect to DigiWorldz.

Connect With Your Current Viewer

If you already have a viewer installed, the login URI to use is:

Be sure you have made an avatar account on the grid before you try to log in.

Visit Over Hypergrid

If you want to visit DigiWorldz over the HyperGrid, simply login to your home grid and search for

in the map of the grid you are in. Once you find us, double click on a region on our map to teleport to our grid.

Install A Recommended Viewer

If you have never visited an OpenSim world before, you are best off installing one of the standard 3D viewers that are available. Currently we recommend the use of the Alchemy viewer or the Singularity viewer, because they supports all the features currently available on DigiWorldz.

Visit the Alchemy viewer download page.

Visit the Singularity viewer download page.

Once you have a viewer installed, you will also need to have an avatar to log in with.
Create an avatar for DigiWorldz here.