Branding and Permitted Use of Graphics

DigiWorldz LLC, hereinafter known as DigiWorldz, is very protective of our branding. We want to make sure that any use of our branding and/or name is inline with our expected use of the same.
While we reserve the final decision on whether or not to allow the use of our name and/or branding to be associated with any user, product, or service, we also want to be helpful to our users with their needs of certain graphics, etc. to promote their events, products, services, etc.

On this page you will find specific “Allowed Uses” of our name and logos and the specific ways we want them used.

1. Any registered DigiWorldz user is permitted to advertise they are associated with DigiWorldz as a user. Any wording implying a user is associated in any other way is prohibited.

2. Any Land owner in DigiWorldz is permitted to advertise such.

3. No user is permitted to assume or advertise they are a recognized helper for DigiWorldz LLC unless they have “Officially” been accepted as such.

4. No user is permitted to imply any event being held in the DigiWorldz space is a DigiWorldz “Sponsored” event unless it has officially been stated by DigiWorldz to be a “DigiWorldz Sponsored” event.

5. No user is permitted to create a social media or any other type of account in our name under any circumstances, period.

6. No individual, organization, or company is permitted to use any DigiWorldz graphics unless it is used according to our guidelines below.

7. No user is permitted to make any derivative works based on our logos or other graphics.

8. Only graphics found on this page are permitted for use.

9. DigiWorldz should always be written and displayed as DigiWorldz, not digiworldz, Digiworldz, digiworlds, etc..

10. DigiWorldz can refuse the use of our graphics at our discretion for any reason, or no reason at all.

11. If you are uncertain on a specific use case, please contact support at:

Our “Official” colors are:
Dark Blue: #03435C (Border around our Text in the logo)
Light Blue: #A4F1F6 (“Fill” color for our text)
Dark Yellow: #EFDD61 (Connection Points on our globe where rings connect)

Logo Text “Font” is: HamburgerHeaven
This font is a 100% “Free” font and can be found at:

Acceptable uses of the logos found on this page are as follows:
– To advertise you are a user, vendor, performer, helper, or content creator inside the DigiWorldz virtual world.
– You may use one of the logos or other graphics from this page to advertise you, your created content, your event, rented space, or your land found inside DigiWorldz, provided that you do not claim ownership of said graphic or content depicted in the DigiWorldz graphic.
– you may never change the aspect ratio of any of our logos
– you may never change colors or fonts of any of our logos.
– Any changes at all to any of our graphics constitutes a derivative work and is prohibited.

Our current graphics: