DigiWorldz Magic

I’ve recently been asked; “What is the Magic of DigiWorldz?”
In my opinion, there is only one thing I can point to which could be considered, at least in my mind, as our “Magic”, and that would be our community.

Sure, we have a great platform as we use only Dedicated, fast servers with fast hard drives, with lots of ram, CPU power, and a super fast internet connection to each. Sure we also have great staff who work hard to ensure all of our users are happy, and we have great pricing and great features. We also have a solid, reliable management team who is always fair, and always watching over our virtual world to ensure things are as they should be, but I would have to say our “Magic” is really our community.
We could have all of those other things, but without our community what would we have?
We would have all of the above, but not many to enjoy it.

Our community is what makes DigiWorldz what it is. We are a sum of our users.
I feel our community is the best community in OpenSim. Collectively they are helpful, fun loving, welcoming, and just a great group of people. Our community tends to stand strong against copybot, they seem to appreciate the hard work of others and are very protective of that work, they are very entertaining, they are friendly, they are great builders with wide ranging imaginations, and they will help anyone with anything it would seem.

I can’t think of a better place to spend your virtual time.

This is the “Magic” of DigiWorldz, nothing else.