Summer is almost here and DigiWorldz has decided to run a “Summer” sales event.
This sales event will begin on June 1st, 2016 and continue through the end of August 2016.
We have something for new and old users alike.

These deals are not limited to new users and there are no limits on how many you are allowed to have!

Ok, Just take me to the Order Page already!

These prices will never be increased as long as you keep your regions – if you let them go, then you lose the price.

New or old users can get a deal which includes a standard 12,000 prim region plus 4 low prim regions, each with 1,000 prim capacity for just $18.00/mo with no setup charges.

Unlike some other grids who restrict the low prim regions to simply water, or “No Builds”, we do not. You can use these low prim regions anyway you like. There’s only one catch, these 5 regions are forever “Linked” as a package, meaning if you decide later that you do not want all 5 of these regions, you can’t let just one, or a few go back, all have to be given up.

Existing region owners can also take advantage of yet another deal which will provide a package of 4, low prim “Landscaping” regions, each with 3,500 prim total capacity for just $12.00/mo and no setup charges. You must already own a standard size region or larger in order to take advantage of this deal, and like the previous deal, these 4 regions are always “Linked” as a package, if you decide you don’t want one or more of these regions, you’ll have to give them all up.

For those of you who want more power, we’re running a deal on our DigiWorldz Pro Server. This is a dedicated machine, not a cloud server and will be used for only your regions. The only limit to how many regions you can place on this machine is the resources available on the machine. How may regions can you get on one of these servers? This depends on the size of the regions, the number of prims, mesh, script load, avatar load, etc. but typically you can get around 20-25 average loaded, standard sized regions.

This server is ideal for those interested in role play, or other “groups” as in addition to the dedicated resources, each dedicated server includes a custom signup page for your users. Using the custom signup page, you can give a link to your users who can visit this page, create a DigiWorldz avatar and when they login, instead of logging into the DigiWorldz Welcome region, they will login to a region and landing spot designated by you. You could create your own “Continent” inside DigiWorldz and users signing up on your page will land where you want them to.

This is a powerful feature with many possibilities.

This custom signup page can be linked to your existing website as well, or if you don’t have a website, we’ll host the page on our server with a subdomain address like

For those who may be interested, the custom signup page is available for everyone who owns a region inside DigiWorldz. If you are interested, please check the Land Store at for more details on this new feature.

What are the specs on the dedicated machine you may ask? Well, let me tell you, this machine is no slouch! This machine has a total of 12 cpu cores, 32gb ram which is upgradable to 64gb, a single 240gb SSD “Main” drive, dual 1 tb SATA Drives configured in a RAID 1 (Mirrored) configuration for backup storage and a 1gbps connection to the internet.
Normally, we sell this server at $185.00/mo., but for our sales event we have cut the price to just $150.00/mo. plus a setup charge of $150.00.

That’s a savings of 18.9%!!

The setup charge is not refundable, but it can be applied to your last month’s fees if we are provided a 30 day notice prior to cancellation of the server. If you do not provide a 30 day notice the setup fee is not refundable. This server does not include remote access as this machine will be completely managed by us, allowing you to have all the fun and benefits of owning your own server, but we’ll be responsible for taking care of it for you. It doesn’t get much better than that!

We can also provide dedicated servers for any use such as webhosting, running your own grid, running several standalones for you and your friends, or even minecraft, or any other game if you like. You can choose from Linux or Windows as your operating systems and these “Unmanaged” servers are provided with full access, meaning you control every aspect of the server such as updates, changes, etc. You could use the server to make an entire continent on OSGrid, or Metro, or any other “open” grid, or you could simply host websites, the use is up to you, but obviously your use has to be legal.

For more details, contact us and let us know your needs, we’ll be glad to help!

If you aren’t yet a DigiWorldz user, come try us out – you’ll soon discover why people are saying we have the best support in all of OpenSim.

Click here to order!