Free Region Winners!

During the month of May, 2021 we had been allowing local and all users from all grids to enter a drawing for a Free 2×2 region.
25 winners were to be selected from all entries.
Each 2×2 region has a total value of $20.00 USD each month, so for 12 months this represents a prize worth $240.00 USD for each user.
Multiply that out by 25 winners and the total value of this drawing was for $6000.00 USD.

363 different users entered our drawing and on June 1st, we picked our 25 winners.

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Free region drawing are:
Stormy Northwoods
Jonn Luik
Nene Swords
Jeanne Schimmer
Poofie Tuner
Felicitas Dolphin
Barry Spencer
Allen Johnson
Kim Pierson
Jeff Mustang
Jan Ferrero
Sasha Cohen
Byliss Janere
Marykee Afterthought
Taliya Nova
Lani KungFuKitty
Marstol Nitely
Alvina Vanima
Deva Darling
Magikesh Tumim
Kip Meads
Nikita Loorden
Motoko Karu
Country Bob
Candice K

Congratulations to all of our winners!

If you were one of our winners, we use our billing system to track ownership of regions, so please login to your billing account at and then submit a support ticket or send an email to indicating your avatar name, and the name you would like to use for your region. The name of your region must not already be in use (you can check here:

If you have a specific location where you want the region placed, please use our map ( to obtain the coordinates and include them in your support ticket as well. If no coordinates are included, we’ll place your free region in a random location.

Prior to the end of your free year, we’ll send an invoice for your region which you can choose to pay if you want to keep your region, if not, simply submit a support ticket asking us to remove your region.

If you do not yet have a billing account, please create one at and then follow the instructions above.