DigiWorldz is putting “Romance” into partnering!

You can now “Partner” with another user easily, In World!
This is a “FREE” service from DigiWorldz, there is no charge to partner with another user.
We have a new region named “Chapel” where you will need to go to do this.
You can do this with just yourself and the person you are partnering with, or you can bring friends to stand with you and/or watch the ceremony.
There’s plenty of room for you to have the “Wedding” of your dreams if you like, or a simple 2 person ceremony if you prefer.

Steps to partner:
1. You and the person you are partnering with will go to the region “Chapel”.
2. Walk inside the “Chapel” and go to the alter where you will see the partnering tool.
3. Click on the poseballs to take your position in front of the altar if you wish (optional).
4. One person will click on the partnering tool to get things started and will choose the “Partner” option in the dialog.
5. The partnering tool will then direct the 2nd user to click the partnering tool to confirm.
6. After the 2nd person clicks on the tool to confirm the partnership, you will be partnered.

This same tool can be used to dissolve a current partnership and only requires either party, not both to dissolve a partnership.
Again, this is a free service.