Let’s pretend for a moment…

You buy a new phone. It’s the latest, greatest, do everything phone, you know the one, it’s the same one everyone else wants.
This new phone works great! When you call someone they compliment you on how good your phone sounds, and you love it.
The phone plays all of your music, the camera is great and it makes fantastic videos.
You download a few games and find that it plays these games fantastic.

You spend a bit of time setting up the screen to be exactly as you like it. You set a new background, arrange your icons just the way you want them and everything is perfect.
You find it plays streaming video/movies great, and you’re exploring the app store to find shiny new apps.
You find a few you like and keep them, but a few you’ve tried aren’t that good so you remove them.
One of them you find is especially great and you love it. You spend a lot of time with this app, you tell your friends, your family and everyone else about it. They download it and join in as well.

Time goes by, and you find your new phone is sometimes feeling sluggish, sometimes it seems to freeze. Sometimes a restart helps, sometimes it doesn’t.
You start getting upset as this phone isn’t very old and you’ve only had it a couple of weeks. You decide to call the maker of the phone for help.

They walk you through steps to try to troubleshoot your problems and you try them all. Eventually, you find out the problem is being caused by a specific app you’ve downloaded.
When you remove it, all is well, but when you re-install it, things are bad again. You’re really “Bummed” because you really like the app and you’ve spent money on upgrades and such for it, but each and every time you put it on your phone, it causes you trouble.

What do you do? Do you buy a new phone? Of course not, you’ve paid good money on this phone, it’s perfect in every way except the app causes issues.
Do you call the maker of the phone and complain the app won’t work on it? No, of course not as the maker of the phone has nothing to do with that app and they have no way to fix it and make it work on your phone.

The point to all of this is to point out the obvious.. a problem with an app does not indicate an issue with your phone and the maker of the phone cannot do anything to help you.
You have to make a choice, either you do without the app, or you tolerate the issues it causes with your phone.

Why am I telling this story?

Many people complain to us when they have issues in their regions. More times than not, the issues are caused by the content in the regions. Many people think that if they can “rez” the object, it should work and if it doesn’t, it must be a problem with the region/grid.

After we spend much time troubleshooting only to find out the problems are being caused by the content in the region and explain if they remove the content things will be better, some are upset they can’t use it.

We cannot help you fix the problems with your content. You’ll need to contact the maker of the content to sort that out, whether it’s animal problems, farm problems, fuzzy little animal problems, flocks of birds problems, it doesn’t matter.. we cannot help you fix those problems as we have nothing to do with any of them.
Problems with your content does not mean there is something wrong with your region, and/or the grid. Getting rid of the content, or putting up with the issues it causes are your only choices.

We take great pride in the platform we’ve built here. Our code has many custom tweaks to help it perform better than the “stock” opensim code most other grids are using and we use professional grade servers with solid state drives, lots of cpu cores, lots of ram, and fast, dedicated internet connections to ensure we are providing the best platform we can. We have people covering our support for more than 17 hours each day so that we can respond quickly if there is an issue.
Your satisfaction is why we do what we do.. we want you to be more satisfied with DigiWorldz than any other grid because we want you here with us, but we cannot control what content you decide to place into your region and content which isn’t working correctly is not an indication there is something wrong with your region.