[COMPLETED] Upcoming Network Maintenance

This maintenance has been completed without incident.

Our data center will be performing network maintenance on one of their carriers on Sunday, Jan. 31st between the hours of 3am and 6am EST. (midnight – 3am grid time)
Our servers have redundant network connections using 3 different carriers, but one of the carriers is the carrier where maintenance is being performed.
So long as things go as planned, our redundancy should keep our network up, but we just wanted to warn you loss of network connectivity “Could”, but may not, happen.

If you try to reach the grid during this time period, or if you are online and lose connectivity and cannot re-connect, this is most likely the reason.
Nothing will be affected in the regions or the servers and if network connectivity is lost, once it’s restored, things will be back to normal.

Just wanted to put out a warning.. “Just in case”.