Unexpected Downtime!

[UPDATE: 10/7/2019]
Repairs and upgrades have been completed and logins to the main grid have been re-enabled.
Thank you all for your patience.

[UPDATE: 10/7/2019]
We are doing final testing and thus far everything looks good.
All regions are back online, but logins are still disabled while we continue to test to be sure all is good.
As long as we don’t find any “Major” issues, we may be able to open the grid later this evening. (EST)

[UPDATE: 10/3/2019]
The repairs on our database and the upgrade of our code continues and are going well.
Please watch this page for updates as we progress.
If interested, you can create an avatar on our “Beta” grid at: http://dhcp.digiworldz.com.

Hi All,
We’ve detected an issue with our main database this evening which required an immediate shutting down of the grid to troubleshoot what was going on.
What we found will require a bit of time to correct.
Since we were going to do a code upgrade in the coming days anyway, we may as well go ahead and upgrade our code as planned and fix our database issue as well at the same time.

This is a major code upgrade for us and we expect to be down for a week or so while we get everything switched over to the new code.
Sorry we didn’t have more notice on this, but the database issue can’t wait and was unforeseen, so we may as well take care of both the unexpected issue, and the planned code upgrade together to reduce our downtime.

Please watch our facebook, mewe pages, and our discord channel for updates as we progress.

Thank you,
DigiWorldz Staff