We have added the following to our Terms of Service:

“Users whose billing accounts are paid current and are in good standing are permitted to receive an “OAR” file of their owned regions’ content upon request. This OAR file is simply a backup file which can be used to place the content online at another virtual world or inside the DW services. DigiWorldz does not guarantee the usability of this file in any way. If these conditions are met, DigiWorldz will create the file which will contain only items which the user has “Full Permission” rights and we shall notify the owner of a web location where they can download the file. DigiWorldz reserves the right to deny the user’s request at the sole discretion of DigiWorldz.
If DigiWorldz has cancelled services to you for any reason, there will be a $10 charge to reload each region’s content you own in addition to paying any past due amounts and/or late charges to bring your billing account current. DigiWorldz does not guarantee we will retain any backups of your services after cancellation and the ability to re-activate your services using backup files is subject to availability of these files.”