Welcome Region Build Contest

DigiWorldz is looking for a new Welcome region and what better way than to have a build contest voted on by DigiWorldz members?
Our current Welcome Region was provided to us by Linda Kelly (Thanks Linda) and it has served us very well for several years, but we want to freshen things up a bit and see what our residents can come up with.
We’ll have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners and these winners will be awarded CASH via Paypal payment at the end of the contest.
1st place will receive $200USD, 2nd place will receive $100USD, and 3rd place will receive $50USD

Here are some details of what we are looking for:

– Low Lag is a must
– Region size to be 256 x 256
– Build should be below 7.5k prims
– Each build to be voted on by DigiWorldz “Local” users and this vote will determine the winners
– All content must be of a license which allows DigiWorldz to own all content when completed.
– Use of suspected “Copybot” items will disqualify the user.
– A Plaque will be placed in the region giving the winner(s) credit for his/her build
– Region should be unique and key elements and basic design of the build should never be used anywhere else.
– Entrants to be local residents only
– Groups are welcome so long as all members are local DigiWorldz users.
– If a “group” is a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place winner, prize money will be split equally, rounded to the nearest dollar.
– Use of scripted items to be kept at a minimum and must be low lag
– All Textures should be 256 x 256 or less, unless the item is larger that 10m in any direction.

Well defined areas should include:
– Main Welcome Area.. where new users land
– Freebie area – OpenAir or Building
– Landmark board
– Event area
– Teleporter Area – Local DigiWorldz Areas and HG Destinations
– Must have walkways to joined regions

Everything else is up to the creator’s imagination.

Users will have 60 days to complete his/her builds

Voting will be open for 7 days after builds are complete.
Each user can vote only one time.

If interested in participating, please submit a support ticket letting us know.