DigiWorldz is proud to announce our latest attraction – DigiLand!

Our Grand Opening will be on Sept. 9th, 2017 @ 12pm Grid Time and will end at 9pm Grid Time.

Digiland is a combination Amusement park, Natural Habitat Zoo , and Aquarium housed on a 2×2 Varregion.

The Amusement park portion consists of several types and sizes of Roller Coasters, Water Slides and rides, The Wormhole, which is a racetrack inside a mountain, a bumper car arena, a Pendulum Swing Ride called Mad Gear, carousels, Skeeball games, and Getcha Gotcha kiosks. More rides and features for the park will be added in the future.

The Natural Habitat Zoo which was built on site and is exclusive to DigiWorldz, is comprised of 11 habitat areas for a variety of animals, both static as well as animated. Some of the habitats include the following : The African Safari Habitat, The Primate Habitat, The Wetlands Habitat, and The Swamp. On the Zoo grounds is a gift shop with freebie souvenirs, and an interactive Concession stand. In front of each habitat is a video console with a series of educational nature videos. Each visitor can watch their choice of 4 wildlife videos that coincide with the animals in that habitat. One simply has to have media enabled in their viewer in order to see them. Instructions for use are above each console. All videos can be seen individually and simultaneously.

The Aquarium, also built on site, is a very large above ground tank housed inside a building. Within the tank , many species of sea life are represented including great white sharks, Whales, fish of all kinds, lobsters, seahorses, crabs and many others , all native to the great Barrier Reef. Upstairs in the same building is a full sized theater where visitors can sit and watch documentaries about Sea life, The Great Barrier Reef, and many other topics. As is with the smaller video consoles this theater is interactive with several visitors being able to view different videos simultaneously.

There is a a teleport system set up with teleport boards scattered throughout the region. There are also several rideable animal rezzers set up for our truly adventurous visitors!

Outside the front gate of the zoo is DigiLand Marketplace, where visitors can purchase a variety of goods from various merchants that reside in DigiWorldz.

Toward the center of the region is Jungle Beats Music Venue, which is where the entertainment will be held for our grand opening celebration on September 9th from 12pm – 9pm grid time. Please do come out and enjoy the music and enjoy DigiLand to it’s fullest extent!