Summer is my favorite time of year as the weather is great, there are always things to do outdoors, food on the grill, places to go, people to visit, smell of fresh cut grass, sun shining and them “BAM”! September comes…. It just never seems to last long enough.
Kids go back to school, weather starts to get colder, more cloudy days, only 4 months until Christmas, etc. A real bummer!

Well this year, I’ve decided we don’t have to always look at the Month of September as the “Dreaded” end of summer. Instead, we can look forward to great deals at DigiWorldz!
Starting on September 1st and ending on October 31st, DigiWorldz will be running a sale. Not just any sale, but a “GREAT  SALE” which has something for everyone!

Many of you already know we have the Best Support (https://digiworldz.com/feedbackcomments.php), Many of you know our World performs GREAT compared to others, Many know of our Great features:
– 7Day Money-Back Guarantee on all Region Orders
– Web Based Region Restarts
– In World Partnering and Dissolutions
– In World Event Listings
– Offline Messages to Email
– Working Parcel Traffic counts
– In World Destination Guide
– Daily Backups Stored for 30 days
– HyperGrid Access can be turned on/off on each region
– Users can choose between PODEX or Gloebit currency for their region
– We have Custom banning code which can be applied to specific regions to keep unwanted people out.
– Users can choose between ODE or Bullet physics for each region
– FREE Region Moves
– FREE OAR Uploads/Downloads
– FREE IAR Uploads/Downloads
– FREE Classifieds
– FREE Group creation
– FREE Content uploads
– Working Prim Limits in Parcels and Regions
– FREE Affiliate Program – Earn recurring income from your referrals.
– more!

I may be a bit “Biased”, but I believe our in world support staff is among the finest you can find with a broad range of experiences and are always glad to help with any questions or issues.
Our community is warm and friendly and you will feel very welcome beginning with the first time you arrive in our world.
Our World is drama free, we don’t try to impose “Strict” rules and we do not tolerate content theft, griefing, or abuse to our users.
We always treat our users with respect, and each user is just important as the next.
We never look down on a user for any question or complaint, and we always strive for 100% satisfaction in all that we do.
Most of our support issues are addressed within minutes, orders are processed usually within an hour, sometimes within minutes.

With all of that, let’s get on to the details of our sale!

ALL REGIONSBuy one region at the standard price and get the 2nd region of equal or less value for FREE!
– Limited to the first 50 users
– Can be any of our region offerings, there are no restrictions

ALL PRIM PAKS25% off on any of our prim add on paks!
– Please use the discount code “25OFF” at time of order

– Dedicated to only YOUR regions
– Put as many regions as your server can handle
– Fully Managed by DigiWorldz – Simply enjoy your regions
– Includes custom Signup Page which can be embedded into any existing web site or keep as standalone. Users who use your page will land at your designated welcome location instead of the default DigiWorldz location.