Whether you’re new to OpenSim or not, often you are faced with several choices from which to choose when trying to decide which grid to call home.
The answers to these questions will dictate whether or not you should expect to have a good or bad experience with your choice of grids.
Some of these questions may not be important to you, but most should be.

If I buy a region and I’m unhappy, will you refund my money?
It is the policy of most grids to not refund your money. DigiWorldz offers a 7 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy for any reason, let us know and we’ll remove your region and send your money back to you.
We were the first to offer this type of guarantee.

Is my price going to be good forever?
Some grids lure you in with a great starting price only to raise it later.
DigiWorldz will never raise your price.

How often will both my inventory and my region(s) be backed up?
On the DigiWorldz grid, your inventory and region(s) are backed up each evening.

How far back can I rollback my region if needed?
DigiWorldz for example, keeps 30 days worth of backups, so if you need to roll back to 30 days ago, we can do that.

If I need help, how quickly will I get it?
DigiWorldz takes great pride in being quick to respond to any issue. Often times we respond within minutes and resolution is usually made within an hour. You can see feedback left by our users about our support by visiting https://digiworldz.com/feedbackcomments.php. We feel, and it has been said by many others that DigiWorldz is home to the best support in all of OpenSim.

Can I restart my own region(s)?
DigiWorldz users can restart their own regions at any time by using our web based control panel.

Can I choose/change my preferred physics engine?
Often, users want to use scripts which were written towards a specific Physics engine, in this case, DigiWorldz users can login to their control panel and they can choose between ODE or Bullets physics at any time.

How quickly will your region be placed online after you order it?
At some grids you might wait 24 hours or more to have your region online. At DigiWorldz, if you place your region order between 7am and 12am(17 hour window) Grid Time, if we don’t have your region online in an hour or less, your first month is free.

Will my region be available to HyperGrid users?
DigiWorldz lets you, the user decide whether or not to allow HyperGrid visitors to your region. Using our control panel, you can turn on/off HyperGrid capability on your region at any time.

How much does it cost to have my region moved if I want to be moved to a different location?
Some grids charge for this service while DigiWorldz provides this service for free.

How long does it take to move my region if requested?
Most grids say 24 hours, but at DigiWorldz, we’ll usually have this done for you within an hour.

How much does it cost to change the name of my region?
Most grids charge a service fee to change the name of your region, while DigiWorldz provides this service for free.

How long does it take to change the name of my region?
Some grids say it will take up to 24 hours to change the name of your region, while at DigiWorldz it is often done within an hour.

Can I have a copy of my region backup file?
Some grids will not allow you to have a copy of your region backup, others will charge a fee to deliver this to you.
DigiWorldz will indeed allow you to have a copy of your backup file and we provide this service for free.

If I find a region file I want to use, can I use it?
Some grids will not allow this at all, while others will charge a fee to do this.
DigiWorldz provides this service for free.

How many avatars can I have in my region?
Some grids will limit the number of avatars allowed in a region to a handful and will charge you to increase this number. Some grids default to 40. DigiWorldz has the limit set to 100 avatars.

How many groups can I have?
Some grids limit the number of groups you can have to 42.
DigiWorldz allows up to 100 groups per user.

How much does it cost to upload my content?
Some grids charge a fee to upload your textures, mesh, sounds, animations, etc.
DigiWorldz provides free uploads.

How much does it cost to create a classified ad?
Some grids charge a fee to create a classified ad, but at DigiWorldz this service is free.

Do in world events listings work?
This feature is sometimes not available on some grids.
DigiWorldz users can view in world events using the viewer as it should be and can add an event of their own at any time.

Can I get my avatar messages sent to me via email when I’m not online?
Some grids do not have this feature, but at DigiWorldz users can choose to have their “Offline Messages” sent to them via email.

I’m interested in renting land out to other users, can I use the Object bonus which is found in the estate tools?
Many grids do not offer this feature, but DigiWorldz users can use this feature as expected.

I want to rent land, but want to make sure my tenants do not use more than their allotted prims.. do prim limits work?
In DigiWorldz, Prim limits work as expected.

Can I choose to partner with another avatar?
Some grids do not offer this feature, while others will do this for you for a fee.
DigiWorldz users can choose to partner with another avatar at anytime in world for free.

Can I take my things with me when I visit another grid?
Some grids do not allow this ability, they restrict what is allowed to leave their world, even if the object permission would otherwise allow it.
DigiWorldz does not restrict the types of items allowed to leave the grid. Only the object permissions can keep an object from leaving the grid.

If I visit another grid via HyperGrid, can I bring things I find there back to my region?
Some grids do not allow you to bring in content from another grid, while others might restrict certain kinds of content from coming in.
DigiWorldz does not place any restrictions on what you can bring into the grid as long as they are allowed according to our Terms of Service.

Does your grid disallow visitors to and from any other worlds?
Some grids have other grids “Banned” for one reason or another. Make sure that you will be able to travel freely to any other world of your choosing.
DigiWorldz does not restrict traffic to or from any other grid.

Does your world honor the “Safe Harbor Act”?
DigiWorldz has a legally registered DMCA agent on file with the US government.

Is your world a legal entity?
DigiWorldz is legally registered in the State of Ohio, USA as DigiWorldz LLC.

What is your policy on Greifers and Bullying?
Some grids say they do not tolerate this type of behavior, but in many cases it goes on without being addressed.
DigiWorldz does not tolerate this kind of acitivity at all.

Do you allow copybot viewers in your world?
If they answer yes.. run very fast in the opposite direction.
DigiWorldz does not permit copybot viewers at all. Any user caught using one will be banned.

Do you have a control panel where I can manage my avatar and regions?
DigiWorldz has a very nice control panel which allows a user to control many things with their avatar and regions.

Do you offer any kind of reward for bringing my friends to your world?
DigiWorldz has a free affiliate program which will pay our users a recurring income on all referrals.

Does your grid have regular in world events?
DigiWorldz for example, has many events.

What about traffic? I’m a content creator and traffic is important to me.
DigiWorldz is one of the larger grids available with a substantial amount of traffic.

Do you have an OpenSim tech person available for tech questions and custom solutions if required?
DigiWorldz has you covered here, we often help those with special requirements by providing custom solutions when we can.

Additionally, you should ask around and do some research to see how stable the grid is.
Do they have many complaints about performance?
Are they offline more than others?

There are some very nice grids to call home, and it is important to find a good one which can meet your expectations if you want to have a good experience.