New User Discount

Are you looking for a new place to call home?
Is your region down more than you like?
Does your region crash more than you like?
Tired of the Lag found in other places?
Tired of all of the Drama?
Tired of Losing things?
Tired of Inventory not loading?
Tired of Slow Teleports?
Tired of Poor Support?

No worries! DigiWorldz has you covered!

All new users to DigiWorldz will receive a 50% discount on their first land order up to $50.00.
But wait, it gets even better!

The price you pay on that initial new order will remain in effect for land purchased on that order for as long as you keep the regions.
Now, not only will you have a Great, Stable place to call home, but you’ll have a Great Price to go with it!

DigiWorldz offers all users, new and old a 7 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee on all land purchases – if you aren’t happy with your land, just let us know within 7 days and we’ll remove it and refund 100% of the money you’ve paid.

Each region owner can choose to have their region enabled for either Gloebit or PODEX currency, it’s your choice.
You can restart your own regions using our web based control panel.
-Large Community
-Lots of Shopping
-Lots of regular events
-Super Fast Teleports
-Super Fast Uploads
-Super Fast Inventory Loading
-Super Fast Region Crossings
-Vehicles Cross regions
-Best Support In OpenSim
-Our uploads are FREE
-Classifieds are FREE
-We have working in world event listings – add your own at any time for FREE
-Region renames are FREE
-Region Moves are FREE
-Group Creation is FREE
-Working Parcel Traffic Counts
-OAR uploads are FREE
-OAR downloads are FREE
-IAR uploads are FREE
-IAR downloads are FREE
-Low Drama
– You can turn on/off Hyper Grid access to your region at any time using our control panel.

We work hard to help protect creators and Copybot activity is not welcome or tolerated.
Don’t worry about accidentally deleting your items as each region is backed up each night and each backup is stored for 30 days in 4 different locations.. we’ll be able to roll your region back any time you need it.

Our community is large, warm, helpful, and very friendly.
Our in world staff are experienced, friendly, and will work hard to make sure you are well taken care of.

Come see for yourself why DigiWorldz is one of the most popular grids – all of these user’s can’t be wrong.
Wondering how well we take care of our users?

Convinced? Ready to give us a try?
Be sure to use the discount code when placing your order to obtain the correct pricing.
The discount code is: 50%OFF

Click here to give us a try:

This offer is for new DigiWorldz users only – If you’ve never owned land in DigiWorldz this offer is for you.