The DigiWorldz Difference

I’ve been asked several times to explain the DigiWorldz difference to users who are not yet familiar with our world, so I thought it would be a great idea to post this so everyone can see.
DigiWorldz is different than other virtual worlds in many ways:

  • We were the first grid to offer a money back guarantee with no questions asked. We still offer this guarantee to all.
  • We use only fast, reliable, professional grade servers and this gives our world a performance boost over many other virtual worlds. Uploads, teleports, border crossings, inventory loading, and region rezzing are all blazing fast. Our servers are constantly monitored and the loads on each server are kept low. Some grids utilize slow, cheap servers, or in some cases “Virtual”, or “Cloud” servers in an attempt to save money so they can sell their regions cheap, but that’s not the case in DigiWorldz. Each of our servers are “Dedicated” servers, you won’t find any cloud or virtual servers in DigiWorldz.
  • We run 5 complete copies of our database and have backup servers standing by in the event our main server should fail.
  • Our servers reside in professional data centers in Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina with back up generators to protect against power failure.
  • We use our own “custom” version of OpenSim with several changes to improve stability, and performance.
  • We have created and currently use a custom asset server which is much faster and more reliable than the stock OpenSim asset server.
  • Each of our regions are online “All” of the time. If you want to visit a region inside DigiWorldz, you don’t have to wait for it to start up before you can be teleported there.
  • Most orders you place are delivered within 60 minutes of placing the order.
  • Our support has been said to be the best in all of OpenSim due to our resolution times with many issues being resolved in less than 30 minutes. We can do this because we have almost constant coverage on our support system, and our staff collectively has more than 30 years experience solving OpenSim related issues for users.
    We’ve been collecting feedback from our users since 2015 each time they submitted a support ticket. You can read the feedback we’ve received here:
  • We allow our users to decide whether or not they want to allow HyperGrid visitors into their regions. If this ability is turned off in their regions, the owner can still travel from their region to another grid normally, but HyperGrid visitors cannot enter their region. In DigiWorldz, you can have the added safety of a closed grid, while enjoying the ability to travel the HyperGrid. Some grids allow hypergrid visitors to all regions, while other grids are closed and do not allow HyperGrid travel in or out. In DigiWorldz, you get to choose if you want to allow HyperGrid visitors into your region.
  • We work hard to protect our content creator’s creations. Content creators can rest easy knowing their hard work on scripting will not be allowed out of our world risking the theft of their hard work. We also do our best to help protect the content of other users who are not from our grid, by disallowing known copybotted items from being used in our world. We are very proud of our stance against content theft no matter if the content was created in DigiWorldz, or another virtual world.
  • We do not allow our users to have god permissions which put your content at risk. In some grids, if you sell or give an item to another user, the user can take the item back to their region where they have god permissions and change the intended permissions and do whatever they like with the item.
  • We are a legally registered business in the state of Ohio, USA with real life contact information available to all. We are GDPR compliant, and we also abide by the DMCA rules/regulations.
    Some other grids do not list their real life contact info, so it’s hard to trust them. Some grids are not GDPR compliant and do not comply with DMCA requirements.
  • Land owners in our world are able to choose to use either Gloebit, or PODEX based currency, it’s the land owner’s choice in DigiWorldz.
  • DigiWorldz allows users to restart their region from a web based control panel. Many other worlds require you to be in the region to restart it, but what happens if you can’t get to the region? How do you restart it then?
  • Reliability and stability is a trademark of our virtual world. We are rarely offline. Our uptime percentage over the last 2 years is approx. 99.6%.
  • We make regular backups of each region and these backups are stored in 4 different locations for 30 days. If you need to restore your region to any day within the last 30 days, we can do that for you.
  • Land owners can choose between different physics. By default, our regions use “Bullet” physics, but we are happy to change your region to “ubODE” physics if preferred.
  • Land owners can choose from two different script engines as well. By default our regions are set to use “XEngine”, but we are happy to switch a user’s land to use “YEngine” if preferred.
  • We offer FREE uploads of OAR files, Inventory Files (IARs), terrain files, and any content you upload using your viewer.
  • We offer FREE classifieds, FREE group creation, and FREE event listings.
  • We offer FREE backups of your inventory and your region(s).
  • We offer a FREE affiliate program where you can earn a recurring monthly income from your referrals. If someone you refer to DigiWorldz using your affiliate link buys anything from us, you will earn a monthly amount for as long as they keep their service. This applies to all of our services such as region sales, prim pak sales, or even our PRO server sales.
  • We never claim ownership of your content – it will always be yours.
  • We have a large friendly community which is always fun, and helpful.
  • We have a large number of places to shop.
  • We have a large number of regions to explore.
  • We have a large number of regular events. Users can input their own events using the control panel and these events will appear inside the grid on the event listings.
  • You can have a custom signup page where users can signup and when entering DigiWorldz for the first time, they will land in a region you specify, at a location you specify, and looking in the direction you choose. You can also specify your own starter avatars and/or continue to use our starter avatars. This is a very powerful tool for RolePlay as you can create your own characters and allow users to signup and choose one of your role play characters and upon entering DigiWorldz, they won’t land at our Welcome region like normal users signing up on our page, instead, they’ll enter and land where you specify.

Before you choose a home on another grid, ask for answers to these questions:

  • Does the grid list real world contact information?
  • Will the grid do a good job of protecting my hard work with backups? How long are these backups kept? Are they all stored at the same location?
  • Does the grid “Look the other way” in regards to content theft? Is stolen content tolerated? Does the grid allow other users to have god permissions?
  • How many backup databases/core servers does the grid have in case of failure of their primary databases and/or core server?
  • Does the grid comply with GDPR requirements? Do they ask your permission before collecting any of your data? Do they tell you which data they collect on you? Do they tell you who has access to it? Do they tell you who they share it with? Will they give you a copy of all data they have collected if requested? Will they delete all collected data if you request it?
  • Does the grid comply with DMCA requirements? Who is their legally registered contact for DMCA complaints? What is their process requirements?
  • What is the grid’s track record/reputation? Are they trustworthy? Do they have a good track record?
  • If you were to have an issue, how fast can you expect it to be resolved?
  • Will the grid keep “Bad Actors” out of their world?
  • What is the grid’s policy on Child avatars? Does it meet your expectations?
  • Does the grid have regular events? Does that matter to you?
  • Does this grid have experienced techs running it, or are they learning as they go?
  • Is the grid a closed grid, or is HyperGrid travel permitted.