How can I have Gloebit currency on my region?

I have been asked by many “How do you setup an account at Gloebit”?
Well, Christopher Colosi from Gloebit was kind enough to send me a step by step guide on how to do this.

It’s important to know, PODEX and Gloebit cannot both exist on the same region, so you must make a choice.
By default, our entire grid is setup to use PODEX currency, but if you would rather use Gloebit on a region you own, we can do this for you.
It’s also important to know, if you currently have a PODEX balance and you go to a Gloebit enabled region, your PODEX balance will not be shown while you are in the Gloebit enabled region. Once you go to another non Gloebit enabled region, your PODEX balance will once again become available to you.

1. Sign up for a Gloebit account if you don’t already have one.
– Enter an email address and password to create the account
– Click on the link in the email we send to the address to confirm that email address
2. Request permission to create apps from this Gloebit account.
– Go to and fill in the form and click submit.  We just need some basic contact info.
— Company name and address are optional.  If the region/grid is owned by a company, they should enter the company information.
— Product name should probably be the grid/region name
— Product description is optional.  They can provide more information about the grid/region if they would like.
— Product url should be the url of the website for the grid or region if they have one.  If they don’t, I would enter the login-uri.
— The Contact name email and phone number should be the real life info of someone in charge of this grid or region (probably whoever is signing up).
– Click submit.
– We’ll review this, and barring any surprises, will grant them access to create apps
3. Create an app
– Once access has been granted, go to
– At the top, click on “Configure” to edit an existing app, or “Create an Application” to create a new one.  This will bring you to the app settings page.
From App Settings
– Enter a name (probably the grid or region name) and short description.  These are what users will see when they are asked to authorize your grid or region to access their Gleobit account (as well as the logo below).
– Publisher can be left blank.  It is displayed on our app discovery page and is a way that a company with many apps could show they are all owned by the same company.  They can put their grid/company name in.  They could also put DigiWorldz in to show that you are the hosting provider.
– Upload a Logo url. This is important because users see it when authorizing.  We recommend rough dimensions of 169px wide x 108px high.  We will shrink the image down to fit inside those dimensions.
– Return-to Text can be left blank.  It’s not worth explaining.
– Default Return-To URI should be set to the web page for their grid or some url which explains what their grid is or how to connect.  It can be left blank if they don’t have a website.
– Make application findable.  If they check this box, once we review it, their app will show up on the app discovery page we linked to above.
– Copy the OAuth Key and OAuth Secret and send them to DigiWorldz via a support ticket
– Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save”.