What is a “Grid Within A Grid”?

A “Grid Within a Grid” is simply a concept, or Idea. It is not “REALLY” a grid at all as you and your users are still part of DigiWorldz. It is a service we offer to a user who has been thinking of starting his/her own grid, but may intimidated by everything needed to do so. Often times, a user is more interested in simply building a community and really doesn’t want to be bothered with everything else it takes to run his/her own grid. In this case, our Grid Within a Grid service can help. We can provide a custom signup page for an additional fee which can be embedded into an existing website, or can be left as a standalone page. By default, this signup page includes the default DigiWorldz avatars users can choose from, but a user can define “Custom” avatars to be used instead, or in combination with the existing DigiWorldz starter avatars. Once the page is setup, you can direct users to signup using your custom page. When they do, upon their initial login they will land in a region and at a starting point defined by you, instead of landing at the default DigiWorldz landing point. In addition, you also have access to features where you can control access to your regions, and you and your users have instant access to DigiWorldz events and shopping.. ie, an existing community. Instead of you taking care of servers, trying to add new features to your platform, managing/testing backups, taking care of support issues, you simply work to develop your community while DigiWorldz takes care of the rest. If you later decide to start your own grid, DigiWorldz can provide hosting and help make the transition as easy as possible. In summary, a Grid Within a Grid is simply an idea, or concept which allows you to concentrate on only building your community while we take care of the rest.