Here is a listing of some of our commonly asked questions which may help you:

Q: What are the Details of your Affiliate program?
A: We pay commissions for every signup that comes via your custom signup link. We track the visitors you refer to us using cookies, so users you refer don’t have to purchase instantly for you to receive your commission. Cookies last for up to 90 days following the initial visit. This program IS NOT a one time paying program. You will earn “Recurring” commissions on any purchases your referrals make for as long as they are paying customers of that service. To signup, please visit our store and create an account. Once your account has been created, simply login and at the top of the page click the Affiliates Link. Once you are on that page you will see a button towards the bottom of the page which says “Activate Affiliate Account”.. simply click this button and you will receive a custom link which you will need to give out. When the user(s) you gave the link to comes to our website and signs up for any service, each month you will earn a 1% recurring income for as long as this user remains a paying DigiWorldz customer.

Q: What is a “Grid Within A Grid”?
A: A “Grid Within a Grid” is simply a concept, or Idea. It is not “REALLY” a grid at all as you and your users are still part of DigiWorldz. It is a service we offer to a user who has been thinking of starting his/her own grid, but may intimidated by everything needed to do so. Often times, a user is more interested in simply building a community and really doesn’t want to be bothered with everything else it takes to run his/her own grid. In this case, our Grid Within a Grid service can help. We provide a custom signup page which can be embedded into an existing website, or can be left as a standalone page. By default, this signup page includes the default DigiWorldz avatars users can choose from, but a user can define “Custom” avatars to be used instead, or in combination with the existing DigiWorldz starter avatars. Once the page is setup, you can direct users to signup using your custom page. When they do, upon their initial login they will land in a region and at a starting point defined by you, instead of landing at the default DigiWorldz landing point. In addition, you also have access to features where you can control access to your regions, and you and your users have instant access to DigiWorldz events and shopping.. ie, an existing community. Instead of you taking care of servers, trying to add new features to your platform, managing/testing backups, taking care of support issues, you simply work to develop your community while DigiWorldz takes care of the rest. If you later decide to start your own grid, DigiWorldz can provide hosting and help make the transition as easy as possible. In summary, a Grid Within a Grid is simply an idea, or concept which allows you to concentrate on only building your community while we take care of the rest.

Q: How can I have Gloebit currency on my region?
A: Please see:

Q: Is it true, the more inventory my avatar has, the longer it takes to teleport and load in world?
A: This is very true. Each item in your inventory has to be sent to your avatar when you login to the grid. The more items you have in your inventory, the longer this process is going to take.

Q: How can I partner with another avatar?
A: Partnering in DigiWorldz is both FREE and easy. Simply go to the region named “Chapel” with the person you want to partner with, walk inside the chapel to the altar area where you will find our partnering tool. One user will click on the tool to get the process started, once clicked, the user will choose to partner and then it will ask the 2nd person to click on the tool to confirm the partnership. Once the 2nd person clicks on the tool both avatars will be partnered with each other.  Dissolving a partnership is easy as well.. only one of the partners need to visit the partnering tool. Simply click on the tool and choose to Dissolve. Once clicked the partnership will be broken for both partners.

Q: Can I bring content over from SL to use in your world?
A: In some cases yes, but you must have the “Rights” to use any content brought to our world and DigiWorldz does not provide any support on any objects uploaded to our world as content is the responsibility of the user who uploads the content.

Q: Can I use money from another virtual world inside DigiWorldz?
A: The default in world currency found in DigiWorldz is provided by a 3rd party (http://PODEX.Info). Some regions inside DigiWorldz will support the Gloebit currency, but that is up to each region owner to choose. Currently, PODEX does allow one to transfer money from other virtual worlds being serviced but there is a fee to transfer. Please see their website for more details:

Q: I want to Visit DigiWorldz from another virtual world, can I do this?
A: Sure, as long as the virtual world you are coming from supports allowing you to travel to DigiWorldz. Our login URI is:

Q: I want to try DigiWorldz, but what if I’m unhappy?
A: DigiWorldz was the first to offer a 7 Day, Money-Back guarantee and we’ll happily honor any refund requests made within this period of time. We and some of our users maintain “FREE” parcels which you can use to try us out before you buy as well. You can also check out what others are saying about our services here:

Q: Will DigiWorldz make any claims of ownership on any of the content I upload or create?
A: No, we’ll never claim ownership of your work or the content you upload.

Q: Are child avatars allowed in your world?
A: Child avatars are permitted as long as they do not engage in any type of sexual related role play and/or nudity. Pictures, drawings, etc of children are allowed as long as they are not sexual in nature and do not contain nudity, profanity, or depict children in a “Bad Light”. DigiWorldz reserves the right to make a final decision if an object is deemed offensive to one or more users.  Please refer to our Terms of Service for more details.

Q: What are the age limitations to enter your world.
A: Only users 18 years of age and older are permitted inside our virtual world.

Q: What are the costs for a user to upload content?
A: There are no costs associated with uploading content, our uploads are free.

Q: Which physics engine does your world use?
A: By default, our land/regions are set to use “Bullet” physics, but if you own a region you can choose to change this at any time to the Open Dynamics Engine using our web based control panel, or, back to Bullet physics if you have already changed it.

Q: Do you allow in world restarts of your regions?
A: Currently we support region restarts using a web based control panel. Simply login to the avatar control panel ( with your avatar credentials, choose the region to restart and click the restart button.

Q: My avatar is a cloud.. how can I fix this?
A: Simply go to our welcome region and grab a new “Avatar”.. wear everything associated with this new avatar and your avatar should no longer be a cloud. If you need more assistance please submit a support ticket and we’ll be glad to help.

Q: I am having an issue with inventory, teleports, visiting other worlds, uploads, or something else? What should I do?
A: The first thing to do when experiencing “ANY” issue is to try a different viewer to see if the problem persists using another viewer. While the viewers share common code, All viewers are not created equally. Each viewer development team makes their own “Tweaks” and other changes and often times you will find simply by using a different viewer your problem is solved.  If changing the viewer did not help.. please submit a support ticket detailing your issue and we’ll be happy to help.